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Eagle Wealth Management Limited is a small independent wealth management company based in Zurich, Switzerland. It was founded by two partners with many years of private banking experience, serving mainly international clients. We can, therefore offer a wide range of expertise.

As an independent wealth manager we have daily access to market research from various major International banks including analysis of the macroeconomic and geopolitical picture as well as individual stocks and product valuations. We are working closely together with the main banks internationally as custodian banks; they provide the client administration services and international banking. More than 50 years’ joint experience as private bankers have given us sound experience in interpreting market cycles and made us actually aware of the risks involved.

Our main core business offerings to clients:

Independent & Tailored Investments

We maintain a risk profile and investment strategy which puts the client first and is tailored to each client’s life situation and preferences. We are completely independent of product providers and banks.

Independent & Neutral Advisor

We choose the custodian banks for clients based strictly on certain objective quality criteria. However, clients can make their own choice. We are always ready to change custodian banks at any time whenever they do not deliver as expected or clients have other preferences. It is very important for us that our supportive banks provide top class services just like we do in order to ensure that your interests are always paramount.

Market Conductor

We seek to fulfil the client’s investment strategy and target by fine-tuning the market instruments to the tune of international cycles. In addition to individual securities, we use only proven quality providers of equity, bonds, money markets and hedge funds in addition to fiduciary accounts and direct investments in the highest grade companies. Risk Management – all clients’ assets and portfolio including security certificates are held with the custodian banks which we work with. Nothing is kept on the premises of our company or in the name of the company


Clients receive detailed reports on portfolio contents, performance and transactions monthly, quarterly, semi-annually as well as annually. Partner – all our earnings are derived from management fees. Therefore we can only succeed on meeting expectations. The management fees are our sole income.

We are here to ensure the best possible risk adjusted yield and first class support to all clients worldwide. 

For further details, please contact us directly or visit us in our Zurich office at any time convenient to you. Hoping we may be of service to you very soon, we remain,

Eagle Wealth Management Limited

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