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General Information

  • AML: VQF
  • Portfolio Management (BOVV): VQF
What we do:
  • fully Discretionary Portfolio Management only
Investment Universe:
  • Global Financial Markets
  • The Client agrees to pay the Adviser a management fee as compensation for the services rendered as set out below. The Adviser reserves the right to adjust the amount of the fee upon prior notice to the Client. In case of a performance fee, performance losses of the quarter will be carried forward to the next quarter. The management fee will be debited on a quarterly basis and is prorated for any period less than a quarter. The above mentioned compensation does not include deposit fees, stock exchange commissions, stock exchange fees, stamp duties or any other fees, costs and expenses levied by third parties and charged directly or separately to the client’s account. Calculation method of the average value of assets under management: the average of the custodian bank’s month-end valuation on a quarterly basis (client transfers in/out of the portfolio are treated on a time weighted, pro rata temporis basis)
  • Eagle Wealth Management Ltd does not receive any retrocessions or similar from third parties. Any client has at any time the right to ask for confirmation of such, not only from Eagle Wealth Management Ltd, but also from the client’s custodian bank.
  • Should such ever change, then the client would be pre-informed, would have the right of full disclosure at any time and is made aware of and accepts the fact that, in the context of his asset management activity or while executing orders, the asset manager receives or could receive benefits (e.g. retrocessions which could reach the equivalent to max. half the applicable fee, kick-backs, finder’s fees which could average 0.25% etc.) from third parties (banks, investment companies, issuers etc.) If the asset manager receives such third party benefits, which in accordance with respective applicable legal practice or the provisions of the law he is obliged to pass on to the client, the client expressly agrees that the asset manager shall receive these benefits as additional compensation for his asset management activity. By signing this agreement, the client expressly waives his right to these third party benefits (transfer to the client).

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